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Alcohol-Free Ways to Unwind at the End of a Long Day

The New Science of Alcohol And Your Health, to create his very own alcohol-free drink, Sentia. Newsweek spoke to experts to learn about how to avoid liquor as a means of relaxation and the benefits of alcohol alternatives. However, there are plenty of alcohol alternatives to turn to instead of your usual beverage. After healthy […]

How to Stop Shaking After Drinking Alcohol: Expert Tips for Recovery and Support

Several prescription medications are available that provide relief from withdrawal symptoms such as cravings for alcohol and alcohol shakes. Clonidine is the most commonly prescribed alpha-2 adrenergic agonist for patients undergoing alcohol detox. Clonidine suppresses central nervous system overactivity to minimize the severity of withdrawal symptoms and help patients complete the detoxification process. A wearable […]

After-Work Drinks: Things Employers Should Consider

In turn, this affects professional relationships, potentially leading to missed opportunities, job loss, and a damaged reputation. The social aspect of drinking can also lead to exclusionary behaviors. As some individuals may not partake in drinking for personal or health reasons, this can create divisions within teams and affect overall workplace cohesion, as reported by […]